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Airfield "Novinki"
Let’s do some calculations taking a simple and inexpensive Piper PA28 airplane as an example and look into its maintenance and operation in ECONOMY and COMFORT classes
Should I buy my own plane or rent one? This question bothers all pilots.
Aircraft maintained by a certified organization that not only maintains the aircraft but also keeps track of the limited resource parts and assemblies, keeps the calendar, maintains bulletins etc.
Warm hangar storage
Operation based on 100LL aviation fuel, which is the main factor of the engine security and resource
(includes a warm cabin, no water in the drain box, no corrosion or condensation, no wiring oxidation, no electric failures)
Aircraft maintained by a private individual with a permit instead of a certified organization
Cold hangar storage
Motor car gasoline operation
(includes rain dance for engine warm-up at temperatures below zero)
An example of the cost of a Piper PA28 airplane based on the Novinki Airfield with 100 flight hours a year
Now let’s count the rent of a Piper PA28 with us maintained in the COMFORT class:
1 933 000 RUB divided by 17 000 RUB/hr = 113 rented hours
1 003 000 RUB divided by 17 000 RUB/hr = 59 rented hours
When you rent, you do not have to bother about filling the tank, wheeling the plane in or out, washing, the form, dealing with failures. You get off the plane, close the door, leave it on the parking ramp and just attend to your own business. And you save something priceless: your time, nerves and effort.
Obviously, these figures are not precise and may vary both upor downwards depending on the circumstances. However, these changes will not be significant in general. If you only make 35 hrs a year instead of 100 hrs, almost all expenses, except for the fuel and lubes, will remain the same, you won’t even save the engine life as its calendar will end up sooner (12 years) than its resource.
Now considerwhat benfits you more: buying your own plane with an upfront investment of 8 million or renting with us at в
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